We use cookies to offer an improved online experience and offer you content and services adapted to … Note: The usual rules for calculating normal weekly pay for the purpose of determining entitlement to, and the rate of, statutory shared parental pay are adjusted for employees who are furloughed under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Shared Parental Leave Policy This policy relates to the statutory requirements around shared parental leave and pay and is suitable if you already have policies on maternity, paternity, adoption and parental leave. 3.4. **New** Parental details of the arrangements for paternity leave and pay. 1. Paternity Policy Further details of SCC’s Shared Parental Leave Policy are available on the SCC intranet or from the HR Pay team. We passionately believe in supporting SMEs and all our website resources All eligible employees have a statutory right to take shared parental leave. The policy details the amount and timing of SPL that an employee is entitled to and also covers keeping in touch days during SPL. It is recommended that you save the document to a location of your choice prior to viewing. for the death of a child. Employees may be able to get Shared Parental Leave (SPL) and Statutory Shared Parental Pay (ShPP) if they’ve had a baby or adopted a child. Either enter the requisite details in the highlighted fields or adjust the wording to suit your purposes. matched or newly placed with them for adoption. Procedure for Making a Flexible Working RequestAny member of staff Once you have subscribed to the appropriate document folder click on the “Download Document” button below. The number of weeks available is calculated using the mother’s/adopter’s entitlement to maternity/adoption leave, which … paternity and (shared / unpaid) parental leave and pay. Use this model HR policy to set out employees' entitlement to shared parental leave in a birth situation. Policy principles . It fully conforms to ACAS guidelines. Employment Contracts, Policies, Procedures & Letters and much more. This Shared Parental Leave Policy is designed for use by employers to ensure that they provide their employees with all of the rights to which they are entitled by law. Set out who is entitled to parental bereavement leave. Here is a The policy has been updated to include the 2020 parental 2. If you are looking to improve your business skills, Template for a notice to book Shared Parental Leave File Notices to book SPL.docx 16KB. Outlines an employees right to 18 weeks unpaid This will allow you to submit a question to one of our HR Consultants who will give you an answer in From 6th April 2020 bereaved parents are entitled to two weeks’ leave following the death of a child under business. where staff wish to take shared parental leave. Yours sincerely, [Insert name] [Insert job title] Title: Letter confirming a period of shared parental leave Author: Shared Parental Leave Policy 1. Eligible employees may be entitled to take up to 50 weeks SPL during the child’s first year in their family. Comprehensive guidance and templates from ACAS with regard to shared parental leave. It is available to birth and adoptive parents. You can adopt these policies individually or as a pregnant employees. PolicyThis policy relates to the statutory requirements around Human Resource Solutions offers advice and these documents to 7. Microsoft Word format. UK organisations as a free service, and cannot be responsible or 3. Shared parental leave commences immediately after the period of maternity/adoption leave ends or during the period of maternity/adoption leave if the birth parent/adopter has provided notice to curtail the maternity/adoption leave. indirectly by the information contained in any advice, policies with 26 weeks service can request flexible working. 6. The Shared Parental Leave Policy There is no requirement for you to have a written shared parental leave policy although most larger employers will have one. ACAS on Shared Parental Leave The shared parental leave is allocated in blocks of full weeks, e.g. Shared Parental Leave was introduced for some employees in 2015, read our model policy to find out more. 2. Introduction Shared Parental Leave (SPL) is a statutory right available to employees who are expecting a child to be born or placed for adoption (whether through birth, adoption, or surrogacy) on or after 5th April 2015. Shared parental leave enables mothers to commit to ending their maternity leave and pay at a future date and to share the untaken balance of leave and pay as shared parental leave with their partner, or to return to work early from maternity leave and opt in to shared parental leave at a later date. Revised suite of Schemes regarding Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Parental Leave… gives details of the arrangements for adoption leave and pay. Context and basic principles 2. Self-appraisal form [44kb]- this can be used by an employee to summarise their thoughts on their performance ahead of the appraisal meeting with their manager. Shared Parental Leave Template Letters & Forms. POLICY SCREENING TEMPLATE PART 1 - POLICY INFORMATION A. 24 - 48 hours. 2 Introduction Shared parental leave is a way for parents to share statutory leave and … This policy sets out the statutory rights and responsibilities of members of staff who wish to take statutory Shared Parental Leave (SPL) and statutory Shared Parental Pay (ShPP)/ Shared Parental Leave Pay (SPLP). 1. Shared Parental Leave Entitlement 2.1 Shared Parental Leave (SPL) is a type of leave that is available to eligible parents of children who There is a full range of Shared Parental Leave documents in the Shared Parental Leave documents subfolder. This policy sets out the entitlements and benefits for a new mother and her partner in relation to Shared Parental Leave (ShPL) and ShPP. 5. Shared Parental Leave (SPL) will be created where an eligible mother or adopter brings their maternity or adoption leave to an end early i.e. It is also available to adoptive parents where the child is being placed for adoption on or after 5 April 2015. This policy outlines the statutory right to take shared parental leave (SPL). responsibilities of employees who are planning to adopt a child and Please contact me if there is anything you would like to discuss in more detail. The policies below cover each individual element of parental bereavement provisions. Outlines the current statutory entitlements of employees whose 3 Letters for the employee to book a block of Shared Parental Leave or Shared Parental Pay. Alex Brogan. damage caused, consequential or otherwise, directly or This policy explains the rights, responsibilities and arrangements in relation to Shared Parental Leave. The policy also outlines the arrangements and notification requirements before a period of SPL and the entitlement to pay during SPL. All the courses are e-learning based so can be completed at your own computer. e.g. POL099 – Shared Parental Leave Policy POL099 – Shared Parental Leave Policy V3.0 2 Document Reference Directorate: Workforce Recommended at Date HR Policy Group 25th June 2020 Approved at Date ELT 21 August 2020 Valid Until Date August 2023 Equality Analysis 11 May 2020 Linked procedural documents Flexible Working Arrangements Policy are free, If you have a burning question about any staffing issue whatsoever, just click the above link. Shared Parental Leave policy Policy statement The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is committed to being a good modern employer and … Simply-Docs have included a Shared Parental Leave Policy and Guidance Notes on Shared Parental Leave with more additions likely in future. and which you can download and adapt for your business. Shared Parental Leave Policy Overview & Purpose Shared Parental Leave enables eligible parents to choose how to share the care of their child during the first year of birth or adoption. therein on this website or blog. Integrated Policy on Leave and Pay for: Maternity, Paternity and Shared Parental Leave Policy: Live Policy: HRS_integrated_parental_v1: Date of Last Review: January 2020: Date of Next Review: January 2021: Changes from previous version: Updated to include the new April 2020 Parental Bereavement leave and pay regulations. Shared Parental Leave Policy Contents 1. The University is committed to supporting good practice in relation to parental rights recognising the value of achieving a gender-diverse workforce and retaining and promoting talent. SPL enables eligible mothers, fathers, partners and adopters to choose how to share time off work in the first year after their child is born or placed. the age of 18 or if they suffer a stillbirth from 24 weeks of pregnancy. Shared Parental Leave Policy Human Resources 2019 The University of Manchester Page 1 of 16 Shared Parental Leave Policy 1 Introduction 1.1 Shared Parental Leave is designed to give parents more flexibility in how to share the care of their child in the first year following birth or adoption. This policy sets out the Shared Parental Leave provisions available to SPS staff. The Parental Leave Regulations 2014 result in a new legal entitlement for eligible parents of babies due, or children placed for adoption, on or after 5 April 2015. liable to any person or entity in respect of any cost, loss or This shared parental leave policy covers the parents eligibility, their notification requirements, as well as shared parental pay. Shared parental leave entitles expectant parents, or parents adopting a child to share the caring responsibilities depending on their preferences and circumstances. This policy gives Do you want to open this document in online editor? It Eligibility 3. leave for the purpose of caring for a child. It sets out the statutory rights and responsibilities of employees who wish to take statutory SPL and statutory Shared Parental Pay (ShPP). How can you make your workforce more flexible? V4 Shared Parental Leave Policy October 2019 Page 3 of 28 SHARED PARENTAL LEAVE POLICY Human Resources October 2019 October 2019Under this policy, various notices need to be given at various times.A notice is only valid under this policy if it is … The Employer's Handbook 2012-13: An Essential Guide to Employment Law, Personnel Policies and Procedures. They offer a large range The final version of the Shared Parental Leave Regulations 2014 was finally published on Monday 24th November 2014 and the … The policy has been updated to include the 2020 parental bereavement provisions . This is in addition to It is not possible to cover in a policy all scenarios which could potentially arise. 1. 27 November, 2020 12:04 which fully comply with current UK employment law. suite of policies with the Shared Parental Leave Policy above. Parental Leave Policy and Procedure, staff will be consulted on changes via the recognised Trade Unions. Parental Leave Policy Shared Parental Leave enables eligible parents to choose how to split the available leave between them and enables them to be off work together or at different times. from £20. wife, civil partner or partner gives birth to a child. This policy is supported by a toolkit which provides template letters and forms for use by both the employee and line manager. Shared Parental Leave Policy v1.1 Sept19 Page 2 of 6 3.3. Is it an existing, revised or new policy? leave is also available to an adoptive parent where a child is

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