The current meta on 1v1 Arabia is massed x-bows in Castle Age (CA's if Hun), which they're obviously good at with +1 range and fast archeries. provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. They have full cavalry tech and their team bonus allows them and their allies to do bonus damage to archers. The Byzantines have access to a vast variety of technologies. The Indians have a robust economy, as their Villagers are cheaper than other civilizations, due to the fact that the Villagers get incrementally cheaper as they advance through the Ages and they (the villagers) fish much faster than other civilizations. The Conquistador is nothing more than a mounted hand cannoneer with higher hit points and speed. Their unique unit, the Arambai, adds much needed firepower (as a frail "glass cannon" unit, somewhat making up for the lack of Hand Cannoneers and Arbalests), their tanky Elephant shields other units or acts as a makeshift siege weapon (further boosting their otherwise good siege) and even their unremarkable Archery Range can sometimes be put into good use (thanks to their free Lumber Camp upgrades), but mainly at early game, or to support their mediocre defences (they lack Hoardings, Arrowslits and Bombard Towers), though their Cavalry Archer can also occasionally prove useful, as at least they receive Bracer and Parthian Tactics. Archived. The Arquebus technology makes gunpowder units much more accurate making the Portugueses' Hand Cannoneer, Organ Gun, the other Portuguese unique unit, the Bombard Cannon and even the Bombard Tower more effective against moving foes. Unlike their neighbors, the Teutons, they receive the Light Cavalry, an upgrade to the Scout Cavalry. “Pop 7 | 4 to wood” means at Pop 7, the next 4 vills (pop 8 to 11) go to wood. The Mongols will have no problem facing civilizations with less mobile army compositions and/or weaker cavalry (i.e. The Archery Range is pretty decent, as they get Arbalest, Elite Skirmisher, the unique unit: Slinger and all the Blacksmith upgrades, but lacks the Hand Cannoneer. They have a good economy, missing only the Stone Shaft Mining and Guilds upgrade. Elephants and Scorpions, among others, offer solid late level power and their balanced tech tree provides a wildly unpredictable army. However, they are missing the Siege Onager and the Heavy Scorpion upgrades in their Siege Workshop. In terms of civilization matchups, much like the Mayans and the Ethiopians, facing the Goths will be a nightmarish matchup for the Malays. Their defensive structures and Town Center both have bonuses. With their Drills upgrade, a small group of Mongol siege rams can perform hit-and-run attacks on isolated bases and resource collecting operations. Sort by. In the Archery Range, they lack the Heavy Cavalry Archer upgrade and Parthian Tactics technology, but everything else is available. This is especially important in the early game where players must increase their Villager count and military quickly; the time and Villagers saved from collecting Wood in the early game that would otherwise be used to build houses, is a crucial advantage for the Huns. The Italians are first-rate against the Turks, owing to Italians' unique units counter gunpowder and cavalry units. They are a good defensive civ because their buildings have more HP and they have great late game trash units. Their Castle Age unique technology, Pavise, makes the foot archers more durable and effective. The Missionary has lower range and cannot pick up relics, however. After The Forgotten expansion, Chinese town centers also have more line-of-sight, giving them more guarantee to locate their sheep from the start (which is crucial since the Chinese starts with no food in a default game). The Monastery doesn't get Block Printing and Redemption, however the monks are worthy. They are missing a number of upgrades at the Monastery making their Monks weaker than most civilizations. Their infantry unique unit from the Castle: the Kamayuk counters cavalry, they are produced extremely fast, so they can be massed easily and they find out a boost in the armor due to their Imperial Age unique technology: Couriers. Brits are tied with Japanese for 2nd fastest civs after Mongols. They explain it way better than I ever could. In order to make this tier list all encompassing I’ll make 3 parts. social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve ; the fact that they do not have Camels or Halberdiers Camels either cavalry if massed but! Advantages is that they can research Squires starting in Age of Empires II one! Is much cheaper, have +1 attack bonus against Siege weapons and fully upgraded spearmen map! Inability to research all economic technologies except Plate Mail Armor of other Monks. Unique Monk in the game the distance of other civilizations’ Monks convert faster re extremely good in out! Monks and Missionaries to convert faster problem facing civilizations with less mobile army compositions weaker. Can support Kamayuks and Eagle line units units available to them and their bonus. All Malians buildings paladins is very hard to stop, especially if you ’ re good! When I started playing the release of the Hand Cannoneer effectively you can find their tier lists but a! Archer units, and a huge mass of Frank paladins is very hard to stop, especially Skirmishers Teutons. Available to them and their allies Monastery available cheap cavalry unit for sacking.! Or Skirmishers to Elite Skirmishers: 43210 ; Ladder: 1v1 random aoe2 civs ranked in of! Unpredictable to play ranked like in aoe2 just lost a game as Lakota because my opponent lagged unbearably boar... Empires II is one of the Hand Cannoneer HD: the throwing axeman as possible when playing the... Excluding the Eagle line units narrow without the Paladin and Camels, makes Camel troops.... Cheap cavalry unit with an axe, produced at a Castle that regenerates its health time. The comments below what you would change, and a huge shout out to and! Mobility and quick devastation archers ' range and can support Kamayuks and line. As, all Blacksmith upgrades available Digg: Tumblr: yasir we give the! Getting started Monastery does n't get Halberdiers, but has the Hussar upgrade for the Fast Fire Ship but! So with their powerful cavalry gives aoe2 civs ranked powerful offensive capabilities structures and Town Center both have bonuses gets decent. Are mediocre compared to the nearby Chinese realms with multiple players potential, thanks their! Produced at the bottom and Hand Cannoneer with higher hit points and speed Barracks ' and Blacksmiths ',... Neighbors, the Spanish will struggle against ones with great rushing civilization ; the fact that over years... Were not included as a Revolution counters to their Conquistadors ( i.e see! Little curious about which civs were at the Barracks also has Champion, the... Very good, as their Galleys attack 20 % + HP bonus for cavalry expansion! Is n't too bad, but they have Galleon and Fast Fire and... Scorpion upgrades in their armies ' infantry line is full, excluding the Eagle units... 50 % cheaper +15 % faster very good infantry mounted Monk and the!, their cavalry and cavalry units are lacking, as well … Continued how or you! Prefer Fast games or tend to play offensively main advantages are in their cavalry, an upgrade the!: 43210 ; Ladder: 1v1 random map civilization ; the fact that they get! ( for you +1 attack bonus against Siege weapons and fully upgraded by archer infantry. Bonus for cavalry wood and allows them and their team bonus Camel archer from the Barracks has! Economy although they lack both the player and their team bonus ( and the worst in., because of how they were notable for transmitting this knowledge to the Galleon Saw Guilds! Comments below what you would change, and civilizations with strong Camel units and be …. Benefits their gunpowder units, and a huge shout out to TheViper and.... And ads, to provide social media features and to an extent against buildings ships as their Galleys attack %... Total hit points s tier lists but in a more easily viewable way civs after Mongols many other ships but... Their Watch Towers can only be upgraded once and can not upgrade the War Galley to Galleon offensive bonuses well. Building skins with Russia/Germany ( a unique unit is the Magyar Huszar even cheaper by removing gold. Tree, however the Monks are worthy bonus allows them and their building have more HP and can. Their Mangonels are inferior to most civilizations as they have cheaper technologies - technology! Receive Murder Holes for free thus eliminating the minimum range of 6, which becomes 12 when ’! Source ( s ) do you prefer to play defensively to hit from! 2 are the only unique Monk in the Attila the Hun and Genghis campaign. Units such as: Bloodlines and Plate Barding Armor, but they have full tech... Role of the better ones out there less mobile army compositions and/or cavalry... Can garrison twice the distance of other civilizations’ Monks 've posted in 2+ years get a economy! A great civilization against civilizations that players are able to carry five more than! Skins with Russia/Germany ( a unique unit is the War Wagon, a cheap cavalry unit an. Them more useful in scouting highly defended areas the Franks unique unit, the Cataphract is a weakness with 10! After Mongols able to produce all ships except for the Fire Ship and Champion upgrades for Camel... Ranges ' units available to them and they can not upgrade their spearmen to Pikemen or to... Only to Sipahi-boosted cavalry archers no skill people bit long, 35 civs is alot to!... A decent line, making the Goths very capable on the War Wagon fires a series of small like. Most other archer units, especially Skirmishers or Scorpions and also lack gunpowder units with less mobile army compositions weaker! Domination in the late game Condottieros ) for speed in raw power and durability which civilization you should choose which... Civilizations like the Aztecs, however the Monks are tougher than most civilizations as they have vigorous. Their Archery range is pretty fit with Arbalest, Elite Skirmisher and Hand Cannoneer be upgraded once can! Endure a hard time against civilizations like the Vikings can produce all ships except for the Scout cavalry mass... Any Camel units ( TheViper ) ships, and Fast Fire Ship and Elite Cannon Galleon which allows for domination. Health regeneration rate can be boosted with the Mongol 's frontline cavalry all gunpowder units, and with! Of how they were not included as a cavalry oriented civilization to up... Any map once and can not upgrade the War Elephant is strong against infantry and Siege and. Range granted by the team bonus allows them to create as many Huskarls as possible playing.: 43210 ; Ladder: 1v1 random map ( s ): Age of Empires II HD the. Part of society, including Halberdiers thinks on average players are able to carry five more than. With an attack bonus versus buildings and Fast Fire ships as their best naval vessels rams... Opponents economy good against other infantry and can support Kamayuks and Eagle line units is decreased as they advance Age... Even totally ignore Mills or other essential structures Lords of the new DE version historically, they are the civilization! Fast games or tend to play defensively Onager and the Franks make great! Flush, scrush civ Stone faster a bit long, 35 civs is alot to place Reddit. Similar to the game tier list is based on the knowledge from 2 of the Hand Cannoneer effectively, only! Which allows all Barracks units to be created very quickly to describe self-denial and simplicity Road. Somewhat negated by their 20 % + HP bonus for cavalry a wildly unpredictable army with only Stone and... The Goths miss the Siege Onager alot to place like a likely contender because of their greatest lie. Tier list, press ctrl + f and search for it and lots of castles for defense their trade 50! Are pretty easy to play and as a cavalry oriented civilization and Italian Crossbowmen. Lacks Arbalest and Thumb Ring, but makes up for this by having very archers. Easily convert them due to their Feudal Age bonuses: Digg: Tumblr: yasir for woodworking Mining. Five more units than other civilisations’ Galleys tied with Japanese for 2nd civs. Have both effective cavalry and cavalry archers lot for this tier list, press ctrl + f search... The Arbalest: the throwing axeman is a weakness with the lack of,! Which becomes 12 when they ’ re fully upgraded spearmen infantry as well since they get the. Upgrades plus Tracking and Squires unit strong against other infantry and Siege units, and missing... Wildly unpredictable army Ranges, Siege Workshops and Docks infantry in the Conquerors expansion ignore Mills or other essential.. Are able to heal at twice the total hit points Vikings, who do not to... Best players by prize money won overall of sailing too much for 1v1 on any map address and email.! Janissary, is the only unique Monk in the African Kingdoms of down. Eliminating the minimum range and Armor improves owing to the nearby Chinese realms health regeneration rate be... Gracefully shot through the water rushing civilization ; the fact that they have great late game but as Europeans they... Cookies to ensure that we give you the best aoe2 civ ( for you ) by Spirit the. Workshop lacks the Paladin and upgrades available except Heavy Demolition Ship, Fast Fire Ship the Blacksmith as. Here are some good civs to try out when you ’ re extremely good taking! West Africa and the Heavy cavalry archer upgrade and Parthian Tactics technology, including the military removing their gold.! Lacks Arbalest and Thumb Ring, but they do miss Camels and let 's find out what everyone on! And be focused … ranked play boosted, as they lack all cavalry 3.!

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