Access into Meadow Valley and Bog Hole Wildlife Area via FSR 765 was locked mid-July 2018; access required driving across private property on the Vaca Ranch. Overview: White-tailed deer hunting throughout GMU 35B is good, and there are multiple general, muzzleloader, and archery seasons available to the whitetail hunter. Identifying trails, saddle crossings, and natural funnels may stack the odds in your favor. Roads and trails. Privacy and Cookie Policy. The majority of the pronghorn in the San Rafael Valley will summer on private property that is closed to hunting, and herds on public land can be difficult to find. 4.99 Small populations do exist around Amado, Arivaca, Rio Rico and the east side of the Tumacacori Mnts. A great tool for your hunt! High quality 36" x 48" printed Unit 35B hunt maps shipped to your door. There are whitetail in the lower, flatter areas, however they can be more difficult to locate in the oak flatlands. Carlton1, Jan 16, 2019. Joined Aug 6, 2016 Messages 125 Location Mesa AZ. The bag limit is one coati per calendar year. Huntdata's concentration maps highlight the high, medium, and low mule deer concentrations during the summer and winter. This closure is legal. If you spook a buck, however, you may not want to call off the stalk just yet; mule deer will often run for 50-100 meters before stopping to turn around and check out whatever it was that startled them. Red Zone Maps Feature: 1. Dec 2, 2020 #15 M T Roberts Well-Known Member. Hunting pronghorn requires finding a good vantage point from which to scan the grasslands for pronghorn bucks. Bird Hunting Arizona. We are coming … Providencia Canyon and the surrounding javelina country can be accessed from Duquesne Road off Highway 82 north of Nogales; numerous USFS roads going north from Duquesne can get you into herds. Add to cart. Glassing slopes from a high vantage point can help hunters find bears feeding on young plants. Muzzleloader tags are offered as dual unit tags for GMUs 35A and 35B, because most of the mule deer habitat straddles the unit boundary. The pronghorn population is rebounding and pronghorn are once again roaming the Sonoita Plains and San Rafael Valley in large herds. The Three R/Paloma Road loop will take you through canyons and ridges that contain good numbers of javelina, and additional roads will get you into good javelina country all the way down through Providencia Canyon. On the southwestern side of the Huachucas, consider Brushy, Korn, Scotia, Sunnyside, Ida-Oversight, and Copper Canyons. VTinAZ likes this. Additional opportunity exists in the mesquite grasslands off Duquesne Road east of Nogales. October 10, 2019 @ 5:00 pm - October 13, 2019 @ 12:00 pm. Glassing long hours will greatly benefit in finding a small bodied Coues deer or an old mule deer in desert terrain. Herds of mule deer are scattered throughout the Canelo Hills, which can be accessed by taking Highway 83 south of Sonoita towards the Black Oak Cemetery area. Doves will vary their feeding and roosting locations based on forage availability. Survey data suggests that the fawn numbers are on the rise in Unit 16A. Whitetail do not spend much time out in the open, therefore it is important to find a vantage point from which to glass the steep oak-juniper woodlands that these deer prefer. Wiped out from the U.S. a hundred years ago, Gould’s turkeys were reintroduced into GMUs 35A and 35B starting in the early-1980s. Walk around through the area looking and listening for coveys. Best Units for an Early Season Velvet Hunt. The different species open on different dates and have different bag limits, so read the regulations before you go! As the summer rolls around and smaller water sources dry up, bears will be looking for larger, more permanent water sources. Thread starter Jason73; Start date Nov 7, 2020; Nov 7, 2020 #1 J. Jason73 Member. Hunters wishing to access this area must hike in across USFS property from the Patagonia-San Rafael Valley Road (FSR 58), or can hike in from the northern end from Vaughn Loop Road. Tanks out in the rolling grasslands with oak-filled draws will hold the best dove populations in GMU 35B. Click the small map ICON on the left to view a sample Taking Harshaw Road from Highway 82 through Patagonia and heading south will put you in some good Mearns’ country if you then take FSR 58 east up towards to the San Rafael Valley, or if you follow Harshaw down towards the border and hunt the dense canyons and slopes around Washington Camp.

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