Shortly after, the ritual begins, and Dugu Bo tells them what to expect. Those watching are shocked by their childish behavior, and wonder if they're really friends. Surprisingly, his face was calm, but his friends all knew that was when his heart boiled the most. He attacks with the Heart Piercer Poison technique. Human Their group charged against the Spirit Empire's blockade alone. He kidnaps him with the intent to kill, first bringing him to his lair, just outside the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, deep within Sunset Forest to leisurely interrogate him for information. He went quiet, and admitted that Tang San was his only friend. Tang San empathizes, having been alone in his previous life. 1,665 Likes, 64 Comments - Mitch Herbert (@mitchmherbert) on Instagram: “Excited to start this journey! The poison bet with Tang San was more complex in the Manhua, including a new section where Dugu Bo poisoned Tang San personally instead of him being affected by the air in the Fire and Ice Yin Yang Well. He continues to escort Tang San and the Shrek Seven Devil's throughout the remainder of the tournament, never leaving them undefended. He later embraced his young granddaughter over the grave of his wife and son, promising himself he would protect her with everything he had. (Light Novel/Anime only) Dugu Bo visits Tang San after the qualifiers, and the two have a long conversation about his future. Les infos, chiffres, immobilier, hotels & le Mag Light Novel Only Tang San's knowledge of otherworldly Heavenly Herbs gave him the advantage over Dugu Bo's skills. After five years, Dugu Bo hasn't aged or changed, seeming healthy. Inwardly, he planned to give Tang San the antidote immediately after he was bitten, knowing the antidote's side effects were severe enough no one could be considered "fine.". He has a long green snake tattoo curling around his left arm, neck, and torso. Anime He gathered all the poisoned water into the sky, purifying it with water and fire until none remained. He admits his poison accidentally killed his father when he was young, his wife as an adult, and his son in his older years, leaving him all alone besides Dugu Yan. (Manhua only) After the end of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Tournament Qualifiers, Tang San calls him for help with Dai Mubai's Evil Eye's Sage Ceremony. When he was older, his son died of the poison as well. When he was an adult, his wife was killed. Dugu Bo himself was shocked seeing his abilities on full display in such a large battle. Friends Later, when plans were drawn up to attack Spirit City, Tang San says Dugu Bo could handle the entire battle alone if he used his hidden poison arts. Dugu Bo arrives to defend Tang San and the Shrek Seven Monsters, scolding Yue Guan for bullying children. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. He reveals his herb garden, filled with every kind of poison and spirit grass under the heavens. The world feared him, and no one would get to know him, and so his reputation was solely that of a psycho. Since the dawn of time, bed skirts have conspired to crush my soul. Tang Hao asks if he's drinking or not, and Dugu Bo says he is. Dugu Bo attempted to strike at the Golden Iron Triangle themselves, but couldn't move their protective barrier by even an inch, to his immense annoyance. His whole presence feels illusory, like a phantom. A Google ingyenes szolgáltatása azonnal lefordítja a szavakat, kifejezéseket és weboldalakat a magyar és több mint 100 további nyelv kombinációjában. After being threatened with a spanking, Dugu Bo tells Yue Guan not to disgust him, and if he wanted Tang San, he'd have to go through him first. Merchants import light, plain fabrics, which are dyed in vibrant colors and patterns at the dye works before being sold locally or exported back to the regions where the cloth originated. Inventories of merchants and/or quartermasters can be limited as desired and separately via included customization files. As Tang San struggles to survive the poisoning, Dugu Bo regrets his actions, worrying that killing him would bring more and more trouble from his father and teachers. In the morning, all the plants in the Fire and Ice Yin Yang Well were gone, and Dugu Bo swore he was going to kill Tang San, furious beyond reason. Xue Beng swears he'll grant all of Dugu Bo's wishes in the future, thanking him over and over.[13]. Dugu Bo's and Tang San's nicknames can be translated as either Old Monster/Little Monster, Old Freak/Little Freak, or Old Devil/Little Devil, with a translating popularity in that order. Dugu Bo expressed far greater pain over the deaths of his father, wife, and especially his son, swearing to protect Dugu Yan with his own life. By the time Tang San returned to the battlefield, less than 100,000 enemy troops still lived. 2 Yellow2 Purple5 Black Dugu Bo protected Tang San from the poisonous fumes from making Yama's Invitation, shocked at how powerful the homemade poison was. Some Spirit Masters chose to jump from the walls trying to escape, only to explode into poison mist before they hit the ground. His hand clenches from the pain so strongly he breaks a tree branch. [11] At that critical juncture of battle, the Poison Douluo revealed his true strength, instilling nightmare level fear in the Spirit Empire. Flender's pride is too great to back down, but he's defeated instantly after releasing his spirit. His words left a deep impact on the others. However, thanks to the assistance of Yang Wudi who confronts She Long and helps injure Ci Xue, they manage to gain the upper hand. He is the adviser of Shrek Academy. As Tang San used his Seagod Trident to destroy the enemy gates, Dugu Bo shielded him from all harm along with the other Six Devils, so no attack could approach within fifty meters of him. When Dugu Bo was a small child, his dying father, Ying Dao, told him their family was blessed with powerful poison, but cursed to die from the side effects. At the age of 35 he had already reached Rank 59, and his hourglass had passed by a quarter. Dugu Bo says he was wrong, and should've killed Tang San yesterday, throwing pots and supplies at him. He decided to go all out, so he could return to the battlefield and help contain Dugu Bo's poison as soon as possible. Dugu Bo The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Later, it's revealed Dugu Bo drove Shrek Academy away on purpose, following the master plan of Prince Xue Beng to weaken his brother Prince Xue Qinghe, who the two suspected of being a traitor. Certificaat verklaart dat haar lid: het Certificaat Thuiswinkel Waarborg mag voeren. It crashes to the ground and cracks, the backlash heavily damaging Erlong, Flender, and Xiaogang. Tailoring a Bed Skirt. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.. For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get back words like "gazellephant" and "gorilldebeest". Comparez tous les modèles de skis 2021 : tout pour bien choisir ses skis (avis, test ski 2021) sur le Guide Ski 2021 He and Yang Wudi manage to hold down the two opposing Titled Douluo as Tang San fights against Qian Renxue. Updated files for game version 1.35.0 compatibility, Added 1 collectible from the 1.35.0 game update, Added 1 weapon from the 1.35.0 game update, Updated files for game version 1.34.0 compatibility, Added 4 blueprints from the 1.34.0 game update, Added 1 weapon from the 1.34.0 game update. At midnight, Dugu Bo's poisoning side effects begin in earnest. Dugu Bo scolded her behavior, telling her Tang San was more mature than her in many ways, despite his young age. He noted that even he couldn't stop his poison now. Dugu Bo then fights against She Long. In such a way, the stronger a person was able to become, the longer they would survive. When Tang San refuses, Dugu Bo teases him, saying he might be able to cure poison, but an aphrodisiac would be difficult. After the influx of allies, Gui Mei tries to intimidate them by threatening the Supreme Pontiff's wrath. Jade Phosphor Serpent (Absorbing a 100,000 Year Spirit Ring) Dugu Bo turns away, asking why he should drink when good things happen to him. He and Yang Wudi work together and manages to stabilize the Emperor's condition by making an antidote. [6] He warns that Spirit Hall's team is too powerful, and also older, and they don't have a chance. Spirit Masters survived a little longer, but only by a matter of seconds. Dugu Bo has a ruthless personality. The reason Dugu Bo survived his own poison was implied to be the heavenly herbs in his garden, rather than the effects of the Twin Fire and Ice Orbit itself. The poison in his body causes aching over two ribs, one that gradually grows stronger, flaring up around noon and midnight and late every night, approximately around midnight, the top of his head and heart feeling like they're stabbed with thousands of needles, causing his whole body to spasm for at least an hour. The casualties caused by the entire Heaven Dou Empire's strength was less than 1/10th of what Dugu Bo had just inflicted.[11]. Dugu Bo did some calculations on his fingers, saying his granddaughter was really only seven years older than Tang San, so a match between them would be ideal. He meets the Rank 98 Titled Douluo's gaze, baring his teeth in a smile, sending shudders of terror running down his opponent's spine. He claims even the Poison Douluo can't offend royalty! Expatica is the international community’s online home away from home. He told Dugu Yan he would save Dugu Xin as soon as he finished advancing, but by the time he'd finally done so, his son was dead. Télécharger des livres par A.I. Dugu Bo attacks him out of anger, and Tang San only survives because he used the Eight Spider Lances on instinct to soften the blow. (Light Novel Only, Manhua Spoilers) Dugu Bo appears seemingly from nowhere after Tang San returns from Sea God Island as the Thousand Hands Douluo, and laughs with a clear and bright voice. He prayed for his recovery, adding the power of his faith to the holy ritual. Dugu Bo received his official title, the Poison Douluo, in a Spirit Hall ceremony officiated by the Golden Crocodile Douluo. He's about to continue fighting when Dugu Yan calls his name, telling him to stop fighting right away or she wouldn't talk to him for a month. Tang San refused, claiming Dugu Bo was only trying to sacrifice himself so Tang San would have to remember him forever in exchange, and he didn't accept the terms of that deal. He leaves, promising to check back to see if Tang San really was capable of curing that poison, or if he'd died. As he put pressure on the Chrysanthemum Douluo, the Ghost Douluo, Gui Mei, attacked as well. He asks again as Tang San collapses to the ground, but he insists he's telling the truth, calling Dugu Bo's poison trash. [1] He doesn't seek trouble from those not threatening or offending him, and isn't inherently bloodthirsty. He brings Tang San inside the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well without further ado, and promises that if Tang San can really cure them, he'll not only spare his life, but grant him three wishes. Professional Status Hair Color The three are interchangeable from the original translation. Dugu Bo is a Titled Douluo known as the Poison Douluo, and the number one Poison Spirit Master in the world. Tang San tells him to go away and annoy someone else. Once the next phase of battle began, Dugu Bo hunted down the Porcupinefish Douluo, refusing to believe he couldn't beat him. He gave the young Dugu Bo an hourglass filled with the blood of the Jaded Phosphorous Snake King, telling him when the hourglass ran out, he would die, unless he became a Titled Douluo.Only by attacking the poison with stronger poison could their lives be extended. He swears, wondering if he'll be forced to flee with his granddaughter to survive. Upon further scorn, Tang San accurately describes the symptoms Dugu Bo has been suffering with in silence for years, calling them the absolute proof he'd accidently poisoned himself. Dugu Bo scoffs, and flippantly says Tang San is dead, believing he couldn't pass his test without bothering to look first. While Tang San destroyed the first line of defense, Dugu Bo struck the back, his Jaded Phosphor Poison turning even the ground faintly green. To lessen this loading/updating hang time, or if you have no interest in items of specific types or color tiers being loaded, you can utilize the included customization file(s) to instead load only specific item categories and weapons of specific color tiers to drastically reduce the load/update hang time. Alive In the Light Novel, only Rank 99 Titled Douluo appear young. Spirit Rank Despite his strength, the Ci Xue's attributes were the perfect counter for his own, restraining him completely. [7], 9th Spirit Ability: Jaded Phosphor Divine Light, After Tang San revealed his Clear Sky Hammer in the tournament, he was attacked on the road to Spirit City by soldiers including two Spirit Hall Titled Douluo, Yue Guan and Gui Mei. This mod adds over 1,200 different items to merchant and/or quartermaster inventories. Gu Rong worries that even though they won the battle, they won't be able to protect Tang San forever. Dugu Bo is the only known Titled Douluo fearless enough to insult anyone, even royalty, Spirit Hall, or higher level Titled Douluo trying to kill him, with the singular exception of Tang Hao. He walks towards the frozen trio leisurely, telling them they should be proud to force him to use such a powerful ability. Dugu Bo reached Rank 75 at the age of 50, but his son's condition continued to grow steadily worse. Bibi Dong specifically targetted Dugu Bo first, knowing his power in a group battle was unbeatable, sending Cie Xue to restrain him. As such, it was impossible for his Blue Silver Grass to be as ordinary as it appeared. Per Tang San's request, he agreed to never harm or kill any member of Shrek Academy. He is also someone who does not lightly make promises and has a reputation for keeping his word once given. Relatives Soul Land Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. When Dugu Xin was 35, his young daughter, Dugu Yan, ran to fetch her grandfather for help, saying her father was dying. He says Dugu Yan is dating Yu Tianheng anyhow, who had plenty of power and future prospects, and it was possible she was pregnant already. Only then did he realize he still couldn't defeat his Spirit's poison, in himself or his granddaughter, and his father was wrong. Unwilling to back down, but worried about Tang Hao all the same, Dugu Bo decides he can always reason that Tang San forced his hand. contains some random words for machine learning natural language processing Three breaths after being bitten by her, the entire body would liquify and vanish entirely. Tang San realizes Dugu Bo came to find him first, so concerned he hadn't even eaten beforehand, and is filled with warmth. Dugu Bo laughs, saying there was nothing he didn't dare, and though he might not be suited to fighting Titled Douluo alone, in a group battle he was unbeatable. Adviser of Shrek Academy Honorary Dean of Shrek AcademyTang Sect ElderHeaven Dou Empire Adviser Dugu Bo's poison abilities are so powerful, they've been killing the people around him all his life. Some items cannot be listed at merchants due to not having a price defined on them in the game files (Disaster Relief Packages, specific weapons, etc). Chapter 60, Jade Phosphor Douluo Old Monster (老怪物) Old Poison (老毒物), Honorary Dean of Shrek AcademyTang Sect ElderHeaven Dou Empire Adviser. He begins his interrogation, asking how he'd broken Dugu Yan's third tier spirit skill, Jade Phosphorus Violet Poison. And if Dugu Yan became pregnant, a shot-gun wedding would be in order. He stands over his son's tomb, remembering Tang San's words. Now available in its most complete form, taking the gameplay experience to a brand-new level. Their son, Dugu Xin, was born already terribly poisoned thanks to his father's advanced strength, his hair green from infancy. He immediately began to run to his son's side, but at that moment began his final breakthrough to Rank 90 - and was physically unable to go to his son's side. Tang San looked at the snake, and said if he let her bite him...Dugu Bo would have to give her to him! The side was light on older players so there was an additional focus on building depth for future years. Green (Poisoning Side Effects)Brown (Originally) Dugu Bo dismisses him, saying he doesn't care either way, and leaves to find a meal. to of and a in " 's that for on is The was with said as at it by from be have he has his are an ) not ( will who I had their -- were they but been this which more or its would about : after up $ one than also 't out her you year when It two people - all can over last first But into ' He A we In she other new years could there ? Dugu Bo watched silently for a full hour while Tang San struggled to heal Grandmaster's ruptured heart. He also wears a green-lined black cloak with tattered edges. They get together to have a chat during which the two exchange stories on the going ons in each other's lives. 75 talking about this. Tang San shouts that it is good...good enough to poison Dugu Bo himself! Dugu Bo explained that Bibi Dong's poisonous power surpassed his when she was mortal, and now that she was a god, they couldn't hope to compete. Its blade is imbued with ancient power and lights up after you successfully land a couple of consecutive hits, granting you a damage boost. Manhua It would also assist Tang San's cultivation speed. Dugu Bo doesn't recognize Tang San's grown up appearance, and is about to attack him when Tang San reveals who is he by showing him proof. Among the players who earned praise from the coach on … He tries to reason with the Supreme Pontiff, asking why she would attack children. Tang San used his Seagod powers to cause a rainstorm, dispersing the poison mist. The next day, Dugu Bo arrives for his antidote, only to find Tang San hadn't made it yet, because he'd been distracted by all the interesting herbs and plants. Tang San declares his faith in their team, and refuses to back down. The gates of Jialing Pass were finally opened, revealing green mist and melting corpses. During the final battle of over a million troops, Dugu Bo witnesses Tang San's appearance as the new Seagod, and the other Six Devil's ascension to Titled Douluo, each with a 100,000 year Spirit Ring. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. Dugu Bo said he would follow Tang San into death, and battle against the two enemy gods. General Ge Long realized that if the poison wasn't blocked, everyone would perish, friend or foe alike, making this the deadliest battle in history. Tang San hit the Porcupinefish Douluo with the capture ability, Unfixed Storm, forcing him to drop his Spirit Avatar state to escape, leaving a few wounds on Dugu Bo with his spines as he does so. System Dugu Bo scoffs, saying he'd like to see someone he couldn't offend. During the next major battle ten days later, Dugu Bo stood with the Shrek Seven Devils and the other major powerhouses of Heaven Dou in front of their army. Commonly looking down on others, he can grow to respect them if they sufficiently impress him, such as Tang San for his talent, or the Golden Iron Triangle for not fearing death. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. In this aspect, his personality is like a snake, who will do nothing if not provoked. Tang San trained and studied for months, exchanging letters with his classmates, and having occasional visits from his teachers. Media (Light Novel) Dugu Bo is slender, and looks like a javelin. Dugu Bo further reveals the tragic events within the Imperial Family and the Emperor's 'illness', which Dugu Bo believed to be poison, administered by Xue Qinghe. Chapter 60 Shrek AcademyHeaven Dou Empire Tang Sect Dugu Bo is visibly frightened, and decides in a snap to kill all the witnesses to avoid Tang Hao's wrath. He admits Dugu Bo's poison even startled him. He reminds Dugu Bo that the casualties would have been much higher if their troops had engaged the enemy head on, and the total number of deaths was actually lower thanks to him, so there was no reason for guilt. Later, Dugu Bo brought Dugu Yan to Shrek Academy. Dugu Bo is a Titled Douluo known as the Poison Douluo, and the number one Poison Spirit Master in the world. He brings Tang San and Yang Wudi to try to save the Emperor. Later, when the battle breaks out, Tang San shouts, "Old Monster, do you dare charge into battle with me?" Yue Guan was visibly shocked Dugu Bo was choosing to defy Spirit Hall, saying the Pontiff would be angry. He states that with Tang San's immense talent, it would put him at ease if his granddaughter was taken care of by him. He says he considers Tang San a genius among genuises not because of his poison knowledge, but because of his Blue Silver Grass. Dugu Yan sees Tang San leaving, and leans in to tell her grandfather about how her poison arts were broken during their last battle. Dugu Bo hears Tang San's father is Tang Hao, the Heavenly Douluo. Dugu Bo even offered to let him marry Dugu Yan, but was turned down flat. Dugu Bo never stopped looking for a cure. Even though he appears to be helping Prince Xue Xing and Prince Xue Beng, he still treats him with disrespect, telling him to shut up, and making both princes freeze in fear. Thanks to the slow working antidote treatment, Dugu Bo was able to breakthrough to Rank 92 after many years. Upon seeing Tang San, he immediately stepped forward to hug him, claiming he knew he would survive, and asked about his recovery. They began to fight earnestly.[8]. He gives Shrek Academy to the count of ten to vanish from his sight. Among Titled Douluo, his power in group attacks is unmatched, however his one on one combat skills are lacking as a result. Dugu Bo trained his son harshly, knowing if he didn't gain strength quickly, he would die extremely young. When the others rush forward to avenge him, he screams at them to stop, saying they'll leave with terrified tears in his eyes.

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